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Welcome to our Blog

This is an ongoing blog covering some of the work we do at ArmorKote Refinishing.

Our Service Area encompasses Philadelphia Metropolitan area including part of New Jersey in Mercer & Camden Counties

We've taken some of the ugliest bathrooms and made them look virtually new

In this blog you will see tubs, tubs & surrounds, as well as floors, vanity tops, counter tops, even fire places.




Do It Yourself?

There are some crafty folks out in the world, and those people love to do their own work around the house. From painting to cabinetry there is almost nothing that a trip to one of the big box hardware stores can't get you rolling with. There are a few projects that do need the attention of a skilled pro or at least some guidance from one. Not everyone can tackle a complicated electrical issue or a plumbing project. The chance of digging yourself into a point of no return is high, and can become even more expensive than if you had just hired a pro in the first place.

Bathtub and tile reglazing is another area where you can head to the depot and get a product that makes claims about results matching what a company like Armorkote can give you. This would be a great time to stop and read product reviews on Google, Amazon, or Ebay etc. My personal experience with these products is that I have never seen one that lasted more than a couple of weeks. Here is my theory:

Armorkote products were first brought into industrial use on airliners, so you can bet that they are tough. Armorkote bathtub and tile coatings are a three part mixture of ingredients, with a pot life of only 4 hours. After that the chemicals start to set and harden. Well, who knows how long retail sprays and rolled on tub paint has been sitting on the shelf. Know this, those stores don't like to throw expensive product in the trash can. These "home kits" range from $45 to $75 for one container (about a half of a bathtubs worth). The product needs to stay liquefied in the store, so how do they make that happen? Additives and solvent reducers, that's how. So now you have watered down epoxy bathtub paint. I would'nt use that on a jet plane, would you? Guess what else? No Warranty.

I once had a customer who used a well known product on their bathtub and it failed of course. I encouraged them to call the number on the can right away, while I was standing there. When they finally got a person on the line, they were told that they were not eligible for a refund. They did not employ heat lamps. That was mentioned nowhere on the container.

Listen, Someday Armorkote will figure this problem out, and the home kit will be a go! Until then, an education is the best friend of the DIY guy or girl. Call Armorkote and you will always be covered by quality Bathtub and tile refinishing products at a great price. One more thing, we offer a 10 YEAR WARRANTY on our products and services. Now Go Get Em!


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